Hello world!

Hello world hardly seems an appropriate first salutation, especially concerning that the likely readers of this blog will be from the amazing area of West Michigan, yet it is the largest phrase on this wordpress page at the moment, and it caught my attention. My name is Matthew.

This is a blog about Georgia. Not about its culture, or its people necessarily, though they are not going to be excluded from its content, but about seeing God work out His plan for my life as He takes me on my journey through Georgia. “He is good and all He does is good,” is the premise of this blog, along with whatever else He presses on my heart.

From now until I actually make it to Georgia, I will be explaining the working of the Spirit in my life and in the lives of my friends on treasure hunts and prayer meetings and worship meetings and in healings of the Spirit.

Hopefully this blog is edifying and entertaining at the same time, God bless!!


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