Five Principles of Design/Church

For a project in my Graphic Design 1 class we had to create 5 images that represent the 5 principles of design as prescribed in ‘Graphic Communications Today, 4th Edition;’ Unity, Proportion, Emphasis, Sequence, Balance.

To these I ascribed Faith, Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace as advertisement for my church-
Church of God 7th Day Vriesland, MI

I also did a series with my own precious typeface and Sunflowerman (perhaps I will post those one day).

A brother at the church, not during prayer, don’t worry, I don’t mess around during prayer lol.

My friend Samuel’s eyes; intense I know. And my brother Ryan in the background.

Two cute little kids playing around before potluck…couldn’t resist using this pic.

We don’t have a cross in our church, so I improvised  and went with the book shelf.

Dan, leading worship, and two guitar players in front.

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