God Gives Inspiration…

And it all ultimately comes from him, whether we recognize it or not. For my Graphic Design 1 Class we were assigned this project to create a personal logo. Since being assigned said assignment I have covered 6 pages with little thumbnails, and have done numerous designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Nothing was working!!! All of my ideas were not panning out, and they just fell flat. So this morning at the Tuesday morning prayer group I suggested we pray for inspiration in Projects and in all of our design.

Naturally, as I was in class, I was continuing the progression of my logo design, and from out of no-where, I had the most workable design to date. I can’t say that it is the best thing ever, or at least since sliced bread, but it was satisfying and worth at least a little recognition.

God, we ask and you pour out!! John 12-14!!!!

personal logo design-mam (miracles and ministry)

These are the four that I like the best. I really want purple because it represents royalty, and what are we if not sons of God; citizens of heaven. I will post the roughs another day.

For more on faith and inspiration from the one who is the originator of everything check out this blog post


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