Is God trying to show me something?..

God came into the earth for the purpose of redeeming all of creation, releasing the curse of sin with His death on the cross. Giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, dead raised to life, and casting out of demons.

He has given us the responsibility and authority to change the world, proclaim the good news of the kindgom come, and for making the ways of the world like the ways of heaven.

I had a dream that God is covering my workplace in a mantle of miracles and the coming of the kingdom. At work (I’m a cashier at Meijer-a supermarket) God has been giving me opportunities to release the kingdom on people, and I haven’t been doing it. I have seen the opportunities, and stepped toward them, but I haven’t stepped into them.

Several weeks ago, almost one after the other, there were a couple of customers who were deaf, and I wasn’t able to communicate any sort of kingdom message because the communication wasn’t there. And yesterday, almost one after the other, there were customers with hearing aids, and near 100% deafness and I didn’t step into the healing that God wants to work through me.

These have been the moments that have hit me the hardest. When I haven’t been able to step into the kingdom and release it on the deaf, and the hurting.

I almost feel as though God is telling me that I am not listening to him, that I am deaf to his Holy Spirit’s calling and ministering.

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