is a lady I met at Meijer today. Who would a thunk that I would be able to have a conversation with someone while working the self-check-out lanes.

God is certainly a God of wonders and mysteries.

At first Jonah was helping this lady with her order, and then shifted the responsibility over to me (seeing as he was covering for someone, and was now going back to work his lane). As soon as that happened, The computer screen froze.

Well what else could I do but start a conversation with the lady. It didn’t seem to go so smoothly at the time, but God really placed it on my heart after working to get the computer started again, to just ask this lady how her day was. I was surprised to learn that she had just been in the hospital.

Darn my not paying attention to the details, but she had something on her spine that was causing paralysis, and a sciatic nerve was pinched.

God had placed an opportunity in my lap, and basically punched me in the arm to get me to see it. I asked the woman if I could pray for her, forgetting to ask her name until after I had started praying lol. She held out her hand and was absolutely willing. I prayed for the glory of God to be revealed in her life, about 10 or 15 seconds, and she was on her way, and I was back to work.

and then I went to prayer meeting right after work, aaaaaaaahhhhh, God, you are awesome!!

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