I’m Back!!-a summary of 3 months

arrived in Atlanta

only time i used my computer in Georgia was in a starbucks that morning

lost aaaaaaaaall day

went to passion2010

lost my van

still lost (me and the van)

rode MARTA for the first (and last) time


first georgia lodging of my life (Atlanta Hostel+Ponce de Leon=ghetto)

my computer was stolen and my windows were destroyed

went to World of Coca Cola

discovered banana-granola(muesli)-peanut butter sandwiches

met many amazing people from around the world at the hostel

i raked some leaves

discovered Georgia Tech and Emory

found a friend (Han)

met a man with whom my dad went to high school (Randy Brunson)

found a church (Christian Church Buckhead)

discovered Kroger and Publix

became part of a connect group and met with some awesome people

roomed with 4 other guys (each of them georgia tech guys)

actually went to walmart

received a gift card to Publix for groceries (it’s how I survived)

found a job (Homegoods-a part of the TJX corporation)

credit cards!

seat belt wont unbuckle

snapped the drive shaft of my left front wheel on the first day of work

met a friend (Evan)

parents helped me with my first rent bill (thank you thank you)

got a library card

went to the Bridge Church

became part of a small group

went to the Living Room at Buckhead Church

hung out with Andrew Millette

inherited a tv from a lovely family from church

redboxed for the first time

moved in with Andrew Millette

discovered the high way to work (cuts the time in half)

Han went to church with me

CCB payed for my vehicle’s windows to be fixed (now she-Dodgus Caravanus- looks sexy)

passenger side window needs new regulator

began running and doing push ups (woo hoo 37)

played tennis!

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One thought on “I’m Back!!-a summary of 3 months

  1. Lisa says:

    Very cryptic of you Matt. Glad you have a computer so that we can see more of ATL!

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