A Work in Progress..

This drawing started about 2 years ago. It began with initial sketch that I redrew several times. Then, about 2 months ago I revisited the idea with a style of drawing that I admire.

The style is cross-hatching, the medium micron and copic pens.

The idea began simply with the thought that the image was sort of epic. Slowly it has grown to an idea about hands. Hands create and hands destroy, there’s a contrast there that’s really beautiful.

Looking deeper through conversation is a theme of divine ecstasy. Eyes peering into heaven, the man is becoming something new as though through a trial by fire. Through the pain of sin and transformation of faith (which is paradoxical in nature) comes the work of God’s hand[s] to make something out of death become alive, tugging, and restoring.

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One thought on “A Work in Progress..

  1. Lisa says:

    What else can I say besides “WOW!” Just looking at it is moving, Matt.

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