The Rad Dad of a Guitar Hero…

I painted an awesome (if I do say so myself) pick gaurd. I haven’t found a decent enough printer yet to get the image on to the hp printable contact paper that was donated to me for experimentation.

The painting was done for my friend Rigo, and I happened to have this rad pic of his dad drinking coffee out of a glass cup from the Sparrows Coffee Tea & News Stand.

This is an ode to Rigo and his Dad.

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5 thoughts on “The Rad Dad of a Guitar Hero…

  1. Bryan says:

    I have a top flight HP laser printer, with Color Sphere technology. Would that be of use to you?

    • sunflowerman says:

      oh man I don’t know. Does the color transfer well from computer screen to paper?
      I’m looking for something that will have good crisp quality

    • sunflowerman says:

      I have an MP-510 Canon laser jet printer. it’s ok for scanning things and printing and copying documents, but for printing pictures it’s not too quality.

      • Bryan says:

        It’s worth a shot, man! What is there to lose? Mi impresora, es la impresora!

        Do you still attend the 11 am service? Bring me the file and some of the material you’re using for the transfer; we’ll see what we get. No?

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