Buckhead Buck…

Here you see the Buckhead Buck. This is my vision of him at least. Sandy Springs in North Atlanta has turtles, and downtown Atlanta has cows, now Buckhead has Bucks!

All the time I am learning that Atlanta is a thousand times better for networking in illustration than GRap ever was to me. There are obviously many many factors that I have effected in both cities, so the stats are skewed, but Atlanta has been good to me.

I heard about the BBA’s need for painters for a launch of a fundraiser event and I was all too happy to participate. I am not exactly sure from whom my boss heard the information, but  Sharon Silva was my main contact for the project. She was very enthusiastic and appreciative of my involvement, and I was enthusiastic and appreciative of the opportunity to get my name ‘out there’ in some way.

The original concept design of the Buck was done by famed MAD magazine illustrator Jack Davis. Several of us artists painted from his template. I decided to paint from an art nouveau perspective-mainly Mucha inspired, actually, very Mucha inspired

Click here to link to an online article about the launch.

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One thought on “Buckhead Buck…

  1. Lisa says:

    More details needed about this!

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