That’s right folks, I bought a bowtie, and might I add, it is fantastic. I have been on the lookout for a bowtie for quite a while now. The other day I ventured to Little Five Points with a friend, Patrick Manangan. This was my first time experiencing the famed hip locale in Atlanta.

It definitely lived up to its rep. We didn’t have the time to really see all of what it has to offer, but we made a trek into a couple different shops, when finally we made it to this awesome! vintage clothing shop. The bowties were right near the front, though we didn’t notice those until after asking about it. There was so much going on in this place, shirts, jackets, button ups, vests, ties, hats, pants, suspenders, and bowties.

After staring at and touching all of the ties I finally came to a decision with the awesomest one there-it’s red and has little blue and white outlined paisleys all over it. I kind of fell in love instantly. I bought the bowtie then Pat and I went to eat at a little pizza shop a few stores down the road. While we were waiting for food we tried to figure out how to tie the tie. That proved to be futile.

Finally, today, I tied it right! So naturally I took a bunch of pictures to show off how awesome it is…enjoy a few.

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2 thoughts on “Bowtie!

  1. Amanda Rawlings says:

    Matthew that was marvelous! I so <3 ur Fantastic bowtie!!!! You can definitely pull that off! It's almost as if you should have always had one…

  2. max says:

    Looks good. For your next bowtie, check out the stock at … And try it on with your iphone or android phone before you buy… Email me or follow us on twitter for discounts

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