new look…

You may have noticed the new header to the blog, as well as the new title. Well, it’s a new year. not 2011, but January 2.

I arrived in Atlanta 1 year ago today (actually technically it’s 12:01 am on January the 3rd, but stick with me), and it is time to change with the times. This is no longer the ‘Georgia Journey.’ That was a name for a journey to a new frontier, an adventure to find my way in the world. I am living in Atlanta, attending school, working at a Pizzeria (doing the occasional commission- if you would like me to do one for you let me know =]), and becoming Matthew Miller.

The new title is ‘Failing Big. Enjoying the process.’ This is the change I’m walking into. A reality of who I am as a human being, not a religious being, not a moral being, but a person with a wandering heart, while at the same time a reality that the process is part of the creation. The process is the faith that God is renewing and redeeming all things.

A friend of mine was telling me how she has been learning to ‘enjoy the process.’ In that is something fundamental and foundational. And to me, it is profound.

I fail all the time, and I fail big. The thing is that my failures are rarely out in the open for people to witness. There is an escape in that, to live with my religion in front of me, and my failures behind my ‘morality.’ If I can show everyone that I do things the right way, then I don’t have to look at the things that I constantly fail at.

Even with that always on my mind, there is good news…I can start to enjoy the process. God is healing my heart, healing my mind, and renewing my life. In fact, those things have already been healed and renewed! It’s time that I start living in the new reality of my life, that Jesus brings love, peace, and joy.

I pray that you too can begin to ‘Enjoy the Process.’

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One thought on “new look…

  1. Bryan says:

    I like this Matthew; it’s very good stuff and beyond your years. I used to say things like this, but I didn’t know what they really meant. The things you are learning now, will become bigger and fuller and richer and full of life and meaning to you, as the years go by. Don’t fail in this one thing, though: I didn’t always keep in front of me the things I’d been taught so early on. I could have been a bit further in my walk, if I had. Then again, maybe not. Sometimes you just have to fall on your face, before you really know what it is to walk and to appreciate the walk you have.

    God has been teaching me some amazing things lately. It seems He has been doing the same in your life. I would love to get together and compare notes. Let me know if you’re interested and what your schedule is like.

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