Is my faith based on the sum total of all of my beliefs? If one of my beliefs is questioned and dismantled does the rest of my faith crumble, like jenga?

Rob Bell approaches this question in Velvet Elvis (yes I know I’m six years behind, forgive me). ‘When our faith becomes our set of beliefs, and those beliefs are our ‘gospel truth,’ then our beliefs become a wall of bricks- immovable, unchangeable- stacked one on top of the other (like laws of a pharisee). “But God is bigger than any wall. God is bigger than any religion. God is bigger than any worldview. God is bigger than the Christian faith.”‘

If I start to see that the way I thought the world worked, isn’t actually the way that it works, then is my faith no longer relevant?

I like what Rob says in Movement One: Jump-

“Central to the Christian experience is the art of questioning God. Not belligerent, arrogant questions that have no respect for our, maker, but naked, honest, vulnerable, raw questions, arising out of the awe that comes from engaging the living God.” “It allows us to have moments when we come to the end of our ability to comprehend. Moments when the silence is enough.”

The fallacy of my Foundation

my faith is not the sum of my beliefs

This is an image I drew in response to the above mentioned idea. The illustration was drawn before I ever read Velvet Elvis, but the idea was an honest response to the nature of the bible, faith, religion, philosophy, and theology.

Is the truth bound in my interpretation of this ancient book?
Or is God working through the process of living out the truths found in the book?

If one of these ways of living crumbles at the instance of doubt, questioning, or a new revelation of truth, then is it God?

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One thought on “Brickworld…

  1. Gwen Meharg says:

    Friend said,
    “If I believe what you are telling me then I have to admit that I have been wrong for the last 35 years.”
    I answered,
    “Your parents are very elderly. Do you want to be wrong for another 35 years?”
    She ended our friendship.
    We had been friends, close friends,
    for 13 years when that happened.
    I still miss her.

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