I am Judgmental and un-Loving…

Wow. That’s me. Yeah, I don’t like it either.
And there I go again, judging myself this time.

Why, when I just want to live a life that is filled with the love that God has poured out into the world, do I find myself accusing everyone and myself, depreciating everything?
Am I really hating myself and everyone else when that happens?

Like when my co-workers do something that would be considered immoral, or when my roommate does something to annoy me, or when I’m jealous of someone and scrutinize their actions more than others.

I found myself not accepting God’s grace this morning, and realizing that my whole morning was filled with thoughts of how I should be telling this person what he should be doing better, and this other person what she has to work on in her life. It was an amalgamation of depreciation for myself and others.

I had some conviction welling up, and I asked God to teach me how to love these people I was depreciating, and realized that I needed to love myself as well, at least enough so I could understand how to pass that love on to others.

I think Love is something that must be accepted
it is not learned, it is not earned
it is accepted.

Let’s look at it this way-
some people already know Love
and give Love
almost from birth.
Those people have a head start in the
‘love game’
but they have little to teach the rest of us.

Love is something that is accepted
not earned or learned.

Somewhere along the time-line
of that loving-person’s life
she accepted love.
Whenever and however that love was accepted
it still leaves this person
with one way of teaching us love.

She cannot tell you the definitions of love
or what you must do to get your love.

The only thing she can do
is to reveal to you the only thing she knows about love…
which is-

to accept it.

To accept that God loves me,
is to know how to finally love others.

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