Watercolor Booklet…

So I have this idea. I want to illustrate worship (obviously it is not an original idea, but hey…). I want to see how people worship this power in the universe we call God.

I want to experience a different face of humility-

A different face of beauty-

A different side of God.

So I am doing just that. I am going to be attending services at church’s all around Atlanta and illustrating in watercolor (at least watercolor for now) the way the people worship.

And, just for the occasion[s] I made, and bound, this watercolor booklet.

My friend Ruth and I have been in a booklet making frenzy lately, and it just so happens to have coincided with my new found interest.

The laces tie it shut!

The front cover flips all the way around-i.e. stays out of my way

Thank you for helping me figure this out Ruth.

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2 thoughts on “Watercolor Booklet…

  1. Gwen Meharg says:

    Okay, I had this wonderful little travel watercolor thingy that I was going to give you for Christmas but she told me you didn’t like paint. Maybe she will go with you and you can sneak water in in her purse. Ruth and I made little pinch pots that we glazed and fired and they had really small openings so that I could sneak water into church and paint. I can’t wait. Have FUN. Be careful though, it is exceedingly addictive. You know what the bible says, “DRAW near to God!”

  2. sunflowerman says:

    Hahahaha I do love the passages that call us to DRAW near
    She is very right. I am so conflicted about having paint in my life. I hold it in such high regard because of the history behind it, but at the same time, it does something to me- on the inside- that makes me want to shrivel up and die.

    I don’t know if you are really a psychic, because I have no idea how you know exactly how things went down Sunday. Ruth snuck in a little thing of paint in, in her purse for me. I ended up using film canisters for the water.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

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