My Poker Face…

Here is the first real art piece of my SCAD career, if school could be considered a career.

Unfortunately my grade on this project was a lousy B.
I think that is due to the pen illustration not having a full range of blacks and whites. Jay, my professor, is a great guy but sometimes he doesn’t really let you know what he wants from an assignment unless you have a deep discussion with him about every move you make. That being said, I had to miss a couple classes due to unfortunate things, and was unable to speak with him about the whole process.

Though the grade is unfortunate, the artwork is awesome.

Click on the images to enjoy even more…I guess.

Poker Face 1- Prisma Color Black and White, Verithin Black and White. 8″x6″

Poker Face 2- Micron Pen, Old Old India Ink. 8″x6″

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7 thoughts on “My Poker Face…

  1. Sydney :3 says:

    Wow, Matt, you definitely got illustration down the the T, baby. I always felt when people tried to draw awkward silly faces, they can never capture it correctly. That is not how I feel about this! You did great!

  2. sunflowerman says:

    Thank you so much Syd Gro! I appreciate the compliment, and I am intrigued to see what things you have been creating as of late.

  3. Mom M says:

    Wow! You are good! At first I thought you did a Photoshop thing, but then I realized you drew that. It must have taken hours upon hours… the detail is fantastic.

  4. Melanie says:

    Matt – you did these in ink? That’s incredible. Nice work, brother.

  5. Alison says:

    Matthew!!! That is fantastic!!!!

  6. Smellen says:

    Matt, those woulda been A’s back in the mitten (I think SOMETIMES they go too easy on people, including myeslf)…which means you’re being pushed and challenged more there than you would have been here (I hope you agree). B’s mean there’s room for improvement. If there wasn’t then why would you be paying so much for them to help you improve?! :) keep up the good work buddy, it’s wonderful as usual!

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