The Black and White, Black Friday Photoshoot…

This is a photoshoot I was lucky enough to have my brother around for. He is the model in the photographs. We were trying out this idea for Black Friday and the Book Page Fashion Illustrations. It was to be called Black & White, Black Friday and we were featuring some illustrations that were done with just the black ink and no watercolor.

I have to say, the whole experiment was a bust. It may have been the lateness of my decision or my lack of marketing experience, but in the end I did come away with this great set of images.

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3 thoughts on “The Black and White, Black Friday Photoshoot…

  1. madiebeartri says:

    I like the art on the book pages…oh and your brother is handsome. (I say that in a non-creepy way) Just an observation. :)

  2. madiebeartri says:

    LOL! I try not to be to creepy when I snoop around. You have talent. I’m home sick from work with bronchitis(not that you needed or wanted to know that.) I have five children. Four of those are adults. Three of the four adult children have creative minds that dabble in art and photography. My one and only son is in the Air Force. Can you tell I’m bored? LOL! I won’t bother you any more today. May 2013 be a very good year for you.

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