The Fashion Book Page Illustrations…

As time progresses the beauty of the Fashion Book Page Illustrations deepens. The textures and colors and lines move delicately and proudly around the page as the color undulates in and out of the surface plane. See some of the current work below and let me know what you think of what they have become.


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8 thoughts on “The Fashion Book Page Illustrations…

  1. khakiout says:

    i have seen some of these on your instagram. :) these are really cool. i like how you used book pages for the illustrations. that added up the sophistication of the clothes!

    • sunflowerman says:

      Thank you Khakiout. I think you hit the nail on the head. The context of the literature with the culture of men’s fashion and the relationship with the illustrations adds to a deeper viewing experience.

  2. dapperdolly says:

    Oh wow those are beautiful and similarly to the poster above I think the dictionary backgrounds give them an extra depth and intelligence. The colours, shading and text go very well together visually as well – there’s an added texture.

    • sunflowerman says:

      Yes dapper dolly. The dictionary pages are so much more obvious in the story telling element, describing the intelligence associated with the culture around fashion. I do see the dictionary pages used all over the net in different ways and it seems to carry wait with a multitude of audiences.

  3. rubina21 says:

    these are genuinely amazing..i’ve tried water colour several times but it never seems to work..yours are great..

  4. Gwen Meharg says:

    less fearful of color.

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