London Collections Men, Hackett

London Fashion Week kicked off the new year and the new look at fashion for 2013.

I have taken a look at several of the collections and illustrated them on recycled Sherlock Holmes Short Story Book Pages and are available at the shop

This first look is at the Hackett Collection. The WWD review provides a great rundown of the runway.

Jeremy Hackett took to the crypt of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in east London for his show that was all about the snazzy English gent — the sort who wears a bowler hat to work. Hackett played with traditional men’s wear patterns such as Prince of Wales and windowpane checks, and mixed and layered tailored pieces with patterned knitwear in the form of sweater vests, V-neck pullovers and scarves.

Hackett Collection 2013

The Chap


Hackett Collection 2013

The Rake

The Rake at the shop

Hackett Collection 2013

The Dapper

The Dapper at the shop

Hackett Collection 2013

The Dandy

The Dandy at the shop

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2 thoughts on “London Collections Men, Hackett

  1. madiebeartri says:

    Sometimes i wish we all dressed beautifully…men and women.

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