Men’s Fashion Illustration- Art Papers Donation

I am excited to share this six spot progression of my latest Men’s Fashion Book Page Illustration. The unfortunate aspect is that I had to rush and I couldn’t scan the steps, but thank goodness for my iPhone. Another day saved by the amazing technologies at hand.

Take a good look if you are able, at the process here. There is no pencil drawing as guide for this illustration. I went straight onto this page from ‘The Birth of Western Civilization’ by McGraw Hill, using an ink well and a round brush.

Steps 1 and 2 have a disparity in documentation so I will attempt to fill the visual blanks. After laying thin washes of watercolor in the body and scarf I immediately began adding highlights with titanium white acrylic. From there each step speaks quite clearly to the use of watercolor layering and white acrylic highlighting.
hint (Pay special attention to the use of colored glazing in the lapels of the jacket.)


Men's Fashion Illustration

Men's Fashion Illustration

Men's Fashion Illustration

Men's Fashion Illustration

Men's Fashion Illustration

Men's Fashion Illustration


This Men’s Fashion Illustration is being donated to Art Papers, located in Atlanta, GA. A friend told me about the opportunity to network with over 250 other artist and numerous art collectors and there is no reason to pass up an opportunity of that nature.

I still know little about the organization that is benefiting from this amazing donation.

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3 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Illustration- Art Papers Donation

  1. Chas Spain says:

    The choice of background page is as brilliant as the art – the togas and all those Spartans fighting across the groin area whoa..

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