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Neck Ties: A Brief History

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Neck Ties: A Brief History is the second booklet release and by far the more difficult of the two. With the inclusion of color,  the intensive planning and researching of the topic and the new template for the crafting the time and effort to produce increased dramatically.

With that in mind, the product is certainly the star of the two. The cohesive illustrations with the consistent message and the use of hand drawn type offer a pleasant experience for the viewer.

To Purchase your Neck Ties: A Brief History click the image

Neck Ties a Brief History
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Creativity and Fashion- Hair

I was 11 with hair trimmers in hand. My mother vehemently and vocally disagreed. The masterpiece she had been parting over the last 10 years was disappearing. The full, soft, curvaceous mop atop my head was now adorning the tile beneath my feet.

Freedom. The tyranny was over. No person could control me any longer. My idols-a disobedient cousin, my father who liked to cause little mischeifs, the athletes on the playground- were now all knowable. I could truly understand them for the first time. I could feel the power. I cut off all my hair.

I was 17 with a paint brush in hand. The classroom bustle had lulled and all of the students were balanced upon their stools. My bristle top stood attentive as it had for the last 6 years, standing guard. This particular day it was given a new permission.

Change. The need for military grade hair-styling disappeared. The girls in the class expressed in resolute terms the attractiveness of long hair on men. Within 6 months I was a new man. My posture strong, my eyes seductive and my hair fell to the length of my shoulders.

Since those Sophomore grade-school years the cuts, lengths and styles have varied dramatically. I have grown it to obscene lengths and cut it back to nothing again.

I have shocked my friends with dyes, straightening, gelling, mohawks, near-mullets, corn-rows and at times a sheer lack of concern. Some members of my church even went so far as to scorn me for my erotically long hair.

The adventure of hair is fantastic if not at times controversial. If God gifts you with a full head of hair do not waste it. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Let the world see and marvel at it.

men's fashion illustration-hair

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Illustration Weekly, Styling Mike

Illustration Weekly 5

For the second week of the new illustration series at The Follow Fashion I give you Mike. Mike is one of the minds behind the success of The Follow Fashion Online Magazine which provides daily inspiration with links to designers and clothiers all over the web and the world.

The Follow Fashion

Mike of the The Follow Fashion

This new series will be capturing the fashion icons of our day such as Patrick Grant and  Scott Schumann and re-styling them through illustration. Submissions/suggestions of who you think should be included are welcome.

(Read more about this article at 


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twitter- @sunflowermatt

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High Cotton Fabric Paintings

High Cotton is a new, local North Carolina high fashion attire company. James, one of the spokesmen (and son of the artisan who hand sews the bow ties) contacted me a while back about a possible collaboration for the brand. High Cotton makes amazing hand sewn, 100% cotton bow ties and cummerbunds. I particularly have my eye on the corduroy.

When I tell you that James is one of the most passionate and genuine salesmen I have ever met I am telling you that I look forward to every phone conversation. One time his mother even joined in on a call. High Cotton to me has been the hospitality of the South and the sincere ambition of creating beautiful things.

You will find this following phrase on their website and it captures High Cotton for me.

‘It is our hope that High Cotton Ties will be able to extend itself to our customers as a helping hand to properly reflect their individuality, in good conscience and in good style.’

We have a lot of plans in the works that make me giddy but I couldn’t help but to share what has been produced to this point. We are focusing initially on the large Fashion Fabric Paintings (like the ones from the H.Stockton show) and some smaller book page illustrations.

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Milan Men’s Fashion Week… Illustration Weekly 4

MIlan Men's Fashion Week 2013

Milan Men’s Fashion Week ended early last week. It came bracing the heels of the London Collections: Men but quickly slowed its pace to saunter as the first collections took to the runway. In, what appeared to be a stiffened gaze on the acceptable and conservative dress, Milan began showing the colors of slumping sales.

The evident gray tones throughout the collections were a nod to winter and perhaps a suggestion that the economy takes creative license at times. Missing Missoni founders weighted the grays even more to all who were present.
But in fashion a show without pizazz is no show at all. As the days lengthened and the collections began growing in number the bold and beautiful emerged. The controversial Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas designed a fantastic set for Prada, lacy men’s lingerie was premiered by Versace and while many collections featured hand-bags Gucci stole eyes with gold-chained handcuff portfolios. Among the more implicitly traditional yet awesome in beauty were Canali, DSquared2, Burberry and Diesel Black Gold. (See the collections on Vogue)
The Autumn/Winter 2013 collections in Milan did not turn out to be strikingly exotic or outrageous but once again the power house families and houses did not cease to amaze. Perhaps this year will see a respect for tradition and the burden of sales will give way to the freedom of creativity.
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